A large square to spring up in the eastern part of Yangzhou City

2007年05月 01日 11:59 | 来源: 扬州新闻网 | 扬州网官方微博 | 乐活扬州 | 云扬州

To facility a healthy development of local commercial markets, the municipal government of Yangzhou is to build up a large square in the eastern part of the city, so that a market complex can take shape around the square.

The square is to be located at the southwestern corner of the crossing between West Canal Road and South Canal Road, or the east side of Yangzhou Eastern Bus Station.

The right for using the land is to be awarded to a bidding winner. For financial business services, the main building is to reach as high as 80 meters, covering 20,000 square meters.

For whole sale and retail business purposes, the building complex is to cover 15,000 square meters. The tower building, on the other hand, is to be used for offices and residences.

The construction project is expected to be launched at the end of year and accomplished in 2008.


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