3rd session of China Yangzhou Lacquerware Culture Festival to kick off

2007年04月 18日 07:46 | 来源: 扬州新闻网 | 扬州网官方微博 | 乐活扬州 | 云扬州

The opening ceremony of the 3rd session of China Yangzhou Lacquerware Culture Festival is to be launched on April 19, 2007, the second day on which Yangzhou Economy, Trade and Tou rism Festival is held.

For the lacquerware culture festival, Yangzhou Municipal Government is to sponsor with China Arts and Crafts Society an exhibition of fine lacquerware works.

On April 20, China Arts and Crafts Society, together with Yangzhou Municipal Government, is to sponsor the 2nd session of China Carved Jadeware Exhibition.

Currently, a thousand pieces of carved jadeware works have been transported to the exhibition center from over 100 plants located in varying cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai.

Yangzhou Lacquerware Company has invited four crafts maters of the national rank to display their arts and crafts works.

Also, over 110 lacquerware works made by fine arts colleges and institutions are to be exhibited at lacquerware exhibition.


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