Ancient culture of Yangzhou well-preserved

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At the opening ceremony of China Paper-cuts Museum held on April 7, 2007, Feng Jicai, Member of the Standing Committee of CPPCC, Deputy Chair of China Literary Federation and Chair of China Association of Folk Writers and Artists, spoke highly of the efforts Yangzhou Municipal Government and local folks made to conserve the ancient culture of Yangzhou.

Feng Jicai, a celebrity in the literary world of China, has been committed to the city protection and the rescue of cultural heritage.

“I am so pleased to see the ancient culture of Yangzhou city has been well preserved,” said Feng.

“Yangzhou Paper-cut, as a form of folk culture, is a life, indeed. And the life integrated in the folk culture has been passed upon generations and generations of people,” Feng added.

Also, Feng hoped that “we should know how to cherish and protect the life of folk culture” and that “we should love the folk culture as we love our own life.”

The celebrity also warned that over-commercialization could destroy the essence of folk culture, hoping Yangzhou folk culture could be better conserved for future generations.


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