Yangzhou:A Historical Culture City

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The city of Yanghzou came into being at the Spring and Autumn Period (about 500 AC .). As the key transportation link at joint place of the Gr eat Canal (Beijing-Hanzhou) and Changjiang (Yangtze River), Yangzhou has been from the Sui Dynasty (600 AD.) an economically prosperous city, and then reached its peak in the Tang Dynasty. At that time Yangzhou was a famous port and one of few biggest cities in East Asia .

With the prosperity of the local economy and easy transportation access, there arose in the history a distinctive local culture, which has an important place in Chinese culture. Many eminent men of letters, poets, artists, scholars, statesmen, scientists and national heroes in the history were born in, lived in or had connection with Yanghzou. Li Bai, one of the greatest Chinese poets visited and stayed in Yangzhou several times in his life and one of his famous poems about Yanghzou has been so popular that Chinese of all ages can sing it and has become a symbol of Yangzhou . Zheng Benqiao, a famous Chinese painting painter in the Qing Dynasty heading a group called “Eight Eccentrics”, had profoundly influenced Chinese paintings. Wang Zhong and Yuan Yuan and some other scholars formed school of Yangzhou Scholars and achieved great success in the study of classic Chinese and literature. Zhu Ziqing, one of most famous modern Chinese writers and scholars, had always been proud of himself as a native of Yangzhou and thanked the city for being nourished by its rich culture. Quite a few other names you may come across frequently in the study of Chinese culture and history have connection with Yangzhou . Yangzhou was so attractive and important that many Chinese emperors in history had come specially to visit or inspect the city. Emperor Suiyan, who ordered to cut the Great Canal so that he could come more easily and quickly, died on his last trip to the city and buried here. Emperor Qianlong had come all the way form the north and visited the city nine times.


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